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This is the home of the 1890 Western-Victorian drama/mystery indie TV series being primarily filmed in NE Wisconsin 


Want to be on set with us? Check out our cast call opportunities.

If this is your first time working with us, we would need you to confirm interest in working with us by filling out our cast form

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to be considered for an extra or speaking role. Click on the banner below.

Click HERE to make a donation/contribution to our filming project (low budget indie series) to promote arts and filming in NE Wisconsin




These series will soon resume filming (season 3) as of late June 2024. We are looking for strong donors and miscellaneous investors.

Season 1 has three 40-minute episodes that are now streaming on popular platforms (Amazon, US/UK).

Season 2 (4 episodes) will world-premiere in De Pere Wisconsin August 10-11. This Fall in popular platforms. Click HERE for tickets.

Check out the IMDb listing HERE. Also click on the banner below to access our Facebook Fan Site

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